When life’s big moments
happen, you can rely on your
Moors & Cabot advisor to be
there to support you with
specialists and advice to guide
you through.


Why Moors & Cabot?


Without a doubt, experience is a vital component of an investment firm, but at Moors & Cabot, we think experience tempered with wisdom is even more valuable. To us, wisdom is the result of making good decisions—something Moors & Cabot has done consistently for over one and a quarter centuries.


Our focus has always been on doing what’s best for our clients. Our business model demands it.


At Moors & Cabot, we work with select individuals, families, businesses, and institutions to build, manage, protect, and transition their wealth and investments.

To learn more about our Moors & Cabot's rich history, culture, and values, click here. For a broad overview of all that Moors & Cabot has to offer, we encourage you to review our Capabilities Guide.


Working with Brad East

Moors & Cabot believes relationships are built on understanding. Understanding is built on trust.

Brad is an experienced veteran of this industry. He has honed his knowledge and approaches over the years. 


Brad will start with an initial consultation. This session helps you to understand your unique situation, needs, and goals.  Preparing for your initial consultation is helpful in making the session as productive as possible. For a guide on preparing for your initial consultation, click here.


The initial consultation (and others that follow) will feed and inform the creation of a plan to address your challenges and lay out a path toward achieving your goals.  

To learn more about the Moors & Cabot planning process, click here.



Moors & Cabot believes that the relationship is at the heart of everything we do. It’s important to have a financial advisor you can consult during some of the most exciting and difficult moments in your life.


Moors & Cabot provides you and your advisor access to specialists who can help educate you on the financial impacts of these life events and help you understand the impacts to your financial plan and objectives.

• Marriage
• Birth of a child
• Divorce

• Job change
• Illness
• Death of a family member

Life Events 

Client Resources

While our advisors deliver valuable experience and knowledge, we pride ourselves on also providing you the tools and insights to work alongside your advisor to execute your plan and measure results. Please see our Resources & Insights library and explore topics such as planning for retirement, insurance planning, and annuity strategies.

If you are already a Moors & Cabot client, you have access to your accounts online and via mobile applications. Click here to learn more about our tools and technology.

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