On April 14, 2015, Brad East helped ring the closing bell at the NYSE as part of Moors & Cabot’s 125th-year- anniversary celebration.

Since 1890, we have been a trusted advisor to individuals, families, businesses, and institutions in building, managing, protecting, and transitioning wealth. Moors & Cabot was the first independent member of the former Boston Stock Exchange, as well as one of the oldest independent members of the New York Stock Exchange.

Brad East and his experienced team in the Phoenix office provide a full range of services to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as institutional investors, nationwide. In the Moors & Cabot tradition, they combine industry knowledge and personalized service to provide each client with innovative investment and risk management solutions.

At Moors & Cabot, quality, honesty, and commitment are our hallmarks.


We were founded just 11 years after the invention of the light bulb. Today, the world is a very different place, but the platform founded by John Moors and Charles Cabot in 1890 still rings true.

Today more than ever, we provide a platform for the entrepreneur. One that runs on the capabilities and character of our proven financial advisors—individuals with wisdom, integrity, entrepreneurship, independence, and success. These are powerful attributes, and, when combined with putting the clients first, we are able to achieve mutual success. 

It is your strength of character coupled with Moors & Cabot's unwavering support and far-reaching resources that drive the successful management of our clients' wealth.

We were founded 125 years ago and have endured through countless economic cycles. While the world has changed, our belief that we can successfully manage our clients' wealth with autonomy and flexibility remains constant.

We work with select individuals, families, businesses, and institutions to build, manage, protect, and transition their wealth and investments.


Regardless of where life takes you, our wide array of offerings allows us to build personalized strategies to help you reach your goals.


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